Song List

  1. Hello My Good Friend – 5:09
  2. Windows of Heaven – 5:02
  3. This Is What Love Is – 4:57
  4. What If Our World – 3:36
  5. Hold Me in Your Arms (The Prodigal) – 3:46
  6. No One’s Ever Died for Me Before – 4:12
  7. Take Me to the River – 4:23
  8. That’s Why God Made the Moon – 5:56
  9. Lay Down Your Life – 4:57
  10. We Will Find Our Way – 4:07

Windows Of Heaven

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“Windows Of Heaven” is a myriad of vocal victories and a full treat of ear candy with hi-tech rock. Musically, you’ll enjoy some of the best rock ballads you could ever hope for like “That’s Why God Made The Moon”.

You will be astonished by John Elefante’s singing and songwriting as well. “This Is What Love Is” and “No One Ever Died For Me Before” touch on topics of grace and forgiveness. “What If Our World” actually imagines how we would survive without God. A rock album that features many different elements, this one is a must have for anyone’s collection!