Mastedon Lofcaudio

Artist: Mastedon
Label: Pakaderm Records
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Progressive Rock

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About Album

Lofcaudio is the second full-length album by the Christian rock band Mastedon. It was released in 1990 by their own label, Pakaderm Records, and distributed by Word, Inc.

After the success of their debut album in 1990, John and Dino Elefante formed Pakaderm Records and release this, their second album, Mastedon – Lofcaudio on their own label. This album features an all-star cast. The talent of these brothers and the faith of the fans propelled Lofcaudio to a level few expected.

The Elefante brothers found melodic rock perfection with Lofcaudio. Both critics and fans adore this band and album.

  1. Holiest One – 4:50
  2. Life on the Line – 4:29
  3. Run to the Water – 3:58
  4. When It All Comes Down – 4:31
  5. Taken Down Below – 4:35
  6. Stampede – 2:27
  7. Living for You – 4:48
  8. Thief in the Night – 2:47
  9. People of This Time – 4:56
  10. It Is Done – 3:43