Artist: John Elefante
Label: Pamplin

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About Album

Featuring perfect vocals, some songs on this album have a prophetic tone as Elefante writes from God’s perspective on “Talk To Me” and “Eyes Of My Heart”, both musically and spiritually engaging the listener.

The powerful collection closes with “Where Does Our Love Go?” which has been described as a follow up to “That’s Why God Made This Moon” on John’s previous project. Overall, this is a very memorable album to experience both lyrically and musically which continues to touch the hearts of every listener.

  1. Corridors – 4:41
  2. Treasures of Heaven – 5:24
  3. I Know You’re There – 5:16
  4. Not Just Any Other Day – 4:57
  5. Eyes of My Heart – 4:21
  6. Every Time You See Me Cry – 4:19
  7. Fall – 4:08
  8. I’ll Love to See You Forever – 4:58
  9. Talk to Me – 4:36
  10.  Where Does Our Love Go – 4:26
  11.  Reprise – 1:11